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Underwear (Bang Yong Guk)

warning: nc-17 content

You mumble in your sleep, shifting slightly in the backseat. Beside you, Yong Guk looks down at you and pulls you closer with his arm draped across your shoulder. Your head falls onto his shoulder and you shift slightly again so your body is facing him, arm sliding across his torso. Next to Yong Guk, Zelo groans at the sight of you two and looks at his hyungs sitting in the front seat, “Why do I have to sit with them?”

"Because you’re the youngest," Himchan replies breezily, looking out the window from his seat. In the driver’s seat, their manager looks back at them all and nearly chuckles at Zelo’s face of desperation. "Not fair," the youngest grumbles before falling against the seat with a thud, making it jolt. You sit up immediately, dazed and still mostly asleep. Yong Guk brings you back to sit back once more and you rest your head against his shoulder again, instantly falling back to sleep. Yong Guk looks at Zelo, "Yah, don’t do that. She’ll wake up." Zelo grumbles underneath his breath but then he brightens once more at the words of his manager hyung.

The manager announces that they’ll be stopping by a place to pick up food. Zelo’s smile returns to his face and he jumps a bit in his seat. His hyungs pay no attention to him, having already gotten used to his eccentric behavior. One would think that after hours of playing in a pool, he’d slow down but no, Zelo surprises everyone by still having energy after.

The guys had invited you to the water park last night, well, Yong Guk had and the guys had been given a pleasant surprise. You had, of course, agreed to go with him and spent the day having fun with him and the rest of the guys at the water park. Unfortunately, the fun and games had to end due to the fact that the guys had a schedule to attend to tomorrow. The moment you had all gotten settled in your seats, your head had fallen onto the seat and you had fallen asleep. That was twenty minutes ago and it didn’t look like you were waking up anytime soon.

It’s a few minutes later when the car is parked in the nearly empty parking lot. The manager unbuckles his seat belt and turns around as he reaches to open the door, “Two of you need to come with me, help me carry the food.” None of the guys move at first, they simply watch lazily as their manager gets out of the car. They all nearly sigh in relief when he’s closed the door but then the passenger seat door is slid open. Groaning, Himchan and Youngjae are the first pulled out by the manager. Zelo’s hands drum on the car seat in front of him, the empty one that Himchan resided in a moment before.

"Manager hyung, I want to go too!" Zelo calls, "Lower this seat thing!" The manager does so and Zelo hurries out of the car, running after his other two hyungs who are already halfway to the take-out place. The door slams shut again and you wake with a yawn. In front, Jongup yawns as well as he turns to open the door on his side of the car, "I’m going to go help." Daehyun looks back at you and Yong Guk before following Jongup, "Yah, don’t leave me with them!" He calls after the younger boy before closing the door.

Yong Guk lets you sit up in your seat, simply watching as you stretch and yawn again. You rub your eyes and take in your setting, noticing all the empty car seats and the darkness on the other side of the tinted windows. Confused, you turn back to Yong Guk, “Where did they go?”

"To get food," is all he says as he pulls you back to sit next to him, kissing you chastely. You smile softly and kiss him again, hand moving up to rest on his neck. A few moments later, you pull away and lean up to kiss his nose. He stares down at you, eyes boring into yours, and you know that no words are needed between you so you simply adjust yourself until you’re sitting on his lap, head resting in the crook of his neck. Yong Guk caresses your fabric covered side as you two sit in comfortable silence.

A minute later, his phone rings in his pocket, breaking the silence. He reaches down into his front pocket and fishes it out, pressing on the screen before placing it to his ear, “Wha- Oh, okay. Alright, yeah we can wait. Okay, bye.” He presses “end call” and puts his phone away again, “They said they’re going to be an hour since the food is just starting to be cooked.” You nod and tilt your head up a bit, your breath hitting the the skin on his neck, making him shiver slightly.

You giggle at the reaction and he shifts in his seat, “Stop that.” Your fingers tip toe up his arm until you’re crossing his shoulder then finally his neck again. “Don’t worry, it’s not like anything is going to happen.” Yong Guk says nothing but the hand stroking your side falls lower and lower until his fingers slip under your shirt. You nearly jump at that but compose yourself, instead poking Yong Guk’s chest, “Hey, I thought I said nothing was going to happen.”

"You started it," he states before leaning forward to kiss you again. You quickly pull away, if only a few millimeters and your eyes dart to the window, "We can’t, not right no-" Yong Guk kisses you quiet but you keep your eyes open for a few more seconds before they slide closed. He adjusts you on his lap so you’re legs are on either side of him. The hand on his neck moves up to tangle into the dark hair on the nape of his neck. Needing to breath, he pulls away and you whisper, "Fine, but we have to hurry up." He smirks at your submission and you see it so you kiss him hard again as you two fall onto the seat, you on the bottom.

The space is small and the position you’re in makes it almost impossible to be comfortable. His knees are pressed against your bottom with your legs wrapped around his waist. You know this won’t work so you sit up again, disconnecting your lips. Yong Guk bumps his head, not expecting you to sit up, and you nearly laugh but you’re too busy trying to make each other comfortable enough to actually do something. In the end, you end up back on his lap as he sits on the backseat properly.

As soon as you’re settled, his hands rest on your slim waist, pulling you flush against his body. Your lips meet once more as your hands wander down to his belt. You quickly unbuckle it as he caresses the heated skin of your torso. You tug on his belt and he gets the idea, his hands coming down to undo the zipper of his jeans. Getting off of him, you let him undress as you take off your own shorts, mentally cursing yourself for not having gone with a skirt. Your underwear follows your shorts and you toss them onto the floor before climbing over Yong Guk again, who’s already undressed as well.

At once, you sink down on his hardened member and he groans before capturing your lips with his. His hands fall back to your waist and he grips at your skin through your shirt. You stop once he’s filled you up to the hilt, trying to get your body to adjust even though this isn’t the first time you’ve done this with him. No, you’ve been with him countless other times but he’s big and it’s a stretch every time. For a few moments, you simply kiss him, albeit sloppily but it’s still only a messy kiss.

Your hands come up to his shoulders and you pull away from the kiss to leave a trail of light kisses down his neck. Yong Guk bites down on his lip to keep embarrassing noises from coming out as you begin to rock back and forth on him. He grips your waist tighter and helps you move up and down as he thrusts up into you. Soon enough, the car is filled with your cries and whimpers as well as his rare grunt.

You let him take over, as he always does, occasionally tightening your walls around him, causing him to lose rhythm for a moment before finding it again. He slams into you particularly hard and your cry is a bit too loud. Yong Guk moves his head to meet your lips in a hard kiss, trying to get you to be more quiet than you have been the past few minutes. However, as he continues to pound into you, you find it hard to keep the kiss going. You pull away a moment later to breathe out a jumble of words that sound vaguely like “oh god” and his name thrown together.

He hits a spot within you then that has you seeing stars and you cry out louder. He understands instantly and continues to slam into that spot. Your cries steadily grow louder and louder and your hand moves from his shoulder to the seat, gripping it with all your strength. You bury your face in Yong Guk’s shoulder and bite down hard when the immense bolt of pleasure strikes through you. Your walls tighten down on him and at that, he releases into you with one last thrust, groaning out your name.

The both of you sit in the same position for a moment as his hands release the strong grip they had your waist in you and you move away from his neck. You raise your face to look at his satisfied expression that makes you smile before leaning in to kiss him one last time. His hands move up to rest on either side of your neck as he kisses you back slowly and passionately. Your own hands come up to lightly grasp his wrists. A few moments pass like this until you two realize your setting and pull away quickly.

"Hurry up and change," you say as you grab your underwear and shorts off the floor, yanking both on quickly. Once you’ve buttoned the one button on your shorts and zipped up your fly, you look back at Yong Guk to still find his lower half naked, "Yong Guk! Hurry up!" You call as you move the seat down to the front seats in order to lean over and turn on the air conditioner, hoping that it’ll drive away the smell of sex. You open the windows as well and once the last window is opened, your eyes spot Zelo who’s spinning as he walks back the car, his hyungs and the manager behind him carrying the food.

You look back at Yong Guk to alert him and find him panicking now, trying to find something. “Yong Guk, just put on your freaking clothes!” He looks up at you, “I can’t find my boxers!”

Damn it. “Just put on your jeans then!” He listens and barely has time to zip up his jeans before the door is opened. Zelo jumps into the back seat again, much happier than before, “We got lots of food, noona!” He tells you excitedly as the manager and the rest of the guys get into the car. You smile and pat Zelo’s arm, “That’s good.” He nods before moving to look out the window, watching as everything  passes. You lean against Yong Guk, his arm going around your shoulders again, and the next fifteen minutes are passed i silence.

Then the manager speaks, “Tomorrow we have a busy schedule guys. I expect you to wake up early and get ready quic- what the hell am I sitting on?”

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